DC Worlds Collide Tier List and Reroll Guide

This is not only efficient, but can be paired with buffs and other abilities to also become a threat to the opponent which can end the game. On top of all this the card Iris West gives The Flash and additional attack EVERY turn and INVINCIBLE. Their are also Recruits like Red Tornado which can come down as early as Turn 3 which are game ending threats when paired with the multiple attacks of The Flash.

DC Dual Force Leader Tier List

Anarchy can be excellent as your second leader and paired alongside your primary gameplan in another faction. As demonstrated with The Flash aggressive deck paired with Harley Quinn below. Harley Quinn – Double down on Firepower cards to further boost the Joker’s damage. If they were the Best decks in DC Dual Force friendly, sacrifice them to draw two cards and charge Lex Luthor Luthor twice. Aquaman – Sea creatures are a  cheap way to maintain board control while also charging Black Adam’s ability. Batman – Has lots of control options to maintain bard control until you hit a powerful spell.

DC Worlds Collide Tier List Elite Heroes

Tyranny as some of the best come back tools outside of the Gadgets in Tactics. Deimos
and traumatize
are another two cards which are excellent early game tools which reduce power on board allowing favorable trades. One deck building direction which can be explored is simply pairing these efficient removal parts of the Tyranny gameplan with your other faction taking the role of damage.

  • The ability gives you board presence for 2 charges however their is no immediate board control when compared with the other abilities.
  • If not, it’s certainly a still formidable option, as it allows us to spin our strategy around the idea of high defense recruits but without being a liming factor when building a deck with her.
  • As fun as it is when you do get the lightning-bolt-created
    rolling, their are plenty of games where you just don’t draw any of the Lightning Bolts in time due to how large the deck size is in this game.
  • Ability(4) – Deal 1 damage to an enemy character for each card you have drawn in this game.
  • Unless your building mono-Tactics style deck with heavy payoffs it is hard to recommend Green Arrow over Batman.

In order to hit your draws often, your then adding even more Green Lanterns and severely limiting your deck flexibility. Often the Green Lanterns effects are not worth the amount of work you need to activate them consistently as well. So although on the surface it appears valuable, this Leader requires significant build around. The extra bronze resource may eventually enable some combinations however and can be valuable when paired with Leaders and for the Lantern synergies, it just doesn’t seem to be enough on launch. Batgirl has an effect which allows you to re-trigger the abilities on your deploy cards whilst providing you 3 attack you can use for your Leader to clear an enemy recruit. The 3 attack however is less valuable than on some other Leaders as her starting health is lower so we really need to be getting solid value out of the re-triggered Deploys.

Tier C

Harley Quinn allows you to play a super aggressive deck since she has a card draw built into her package. She is the go-to leader for Arkham Inmate decks because even if your hand is empty, you’ll get to draw and play two cards on your next turn. This is the start of our tier list based on the current state heading into the Beta. This could change significantly as decks are explored but hopefully this gives you some ideas of starting points for entering into the world of DC Dual Force. It is very limited though and the deck building requirements are potentially the least flexible of all the Leaders and the ability is useful later into games. The deck required may struggle to get to this stage of the game at all.

Recruits Overview

The only problem with this is that it requires four charges, which forces us to build decks that carry this leader through the early game. It’s not truly a problem if we combine Cyborg with certain leaders or cards that let us reach a moment where activating his ability for the third time may already be enough to even finish off an enemy leader. The two aforementioned cards max it out, but its ability is good enough that even if we can max it out playing these cards, it doesn’t force us to play around it giving us the option to play any Might card freely.

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